Vegetarian Burgers / Pescatarian Angst

It’s not always easy being neither one thing nor the other.

As a pescatarian I have found, over the years, that I have made a rather unpopular choice. Hardcore vegetarians hate the idea, and generally want to make me admit to years of vengeful fishy massacre. Meat eaters will ask ridiculous questions about protein, and worry about the obvious mental ill-health of somebody who would willingly choose not to eat meat. But why? They ask, uncertain, concerned, standing at a distance, rightly worried that bad food choices might be catching, like some kind of air-born and overly healthy AIDs.

For me it just makes sense. I’m just a vegetarian who has the occasional fishy lapse.

This would all be well and good if it weren’t for the fact that sotto voce vegetarian food is sometimes the pits. The worst. It can completely and utterly bomb. I can’t remember how many work Christmas meals I have sat through where the set menu includes, as an afterthought, some sad and lonely vegetable invariably stuffed with some kind of rice… something…

It doesn’t exactly help the average meat-eaters idea of the vegetarian diet which I’m sure they believe consists entirely of lentils and salad, broken dreams and lost hopes. And at some of these set-meal functions it can sometimes feel like that is in fact the case.

And so I decided to make this blog for a couple of reasons. It is partly to prove that I don’t live on flowers, homeopathic remedies and sunshine, and am not in fact a deranged hippy living in a yurt. But it is also to show that vegetarian food can be awesome and yummy… even if it has the occasional fish thrown in for good measure.

Oh, and of course, to find the ultimate, the absolute, the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything…

The perfect veggie burger.


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