Down and Out in Perth (and Pajamas)

I am back, my dears, after a somewhat prolonged absence. Was she mauled by a drop bear, I hear you ask? Aggressively hugged to death by a koala? Or did she just take one look at Tony Abbott, gave up all hope for herself and others and died lying in a corner, hugging her own knees, shivering in apathy and despair?

Well, the short answer is no, although the last is probably closest to the mark. I was, in fact, briefly unemployed.

Surely, you might think, not working would leave you with more time for extra curricular activities rather than less? You might think that. You’d be wrong. You’d probably be surprised to find how little time you have left over after you’re done picking your fingernails, staring listlessly into space and wondering whether you remembered to brush your teeth this morning. And don’t forget watching reruns of bad television shows in your pajamas and basically experiencing your brains turn to porridge and begin to leak slowly but persistently from your ears and nose.

I was rushed off my feet. I’m surprised I even had time to find a job.

It didn’t help that my unemployed cuisine du (every single) jour was beans on toast. Or sometimes, if bread was low, beans not on toast. And sometimes toast. It didn’t exactly make for a lively and varied blogging atmosphere, and dimlylitmealsforone pretty much has that stuff covered.

Anyway, I’m back and, Australian wildlife and politicians permitting, here to stay.

Bring on the food.


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